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Nature : The Supreme Healer

If nature can heal itself, it has the power to heal you too.
Give it a chance and take charge of your health naturally through Ayurveda.

Holistic natural ayurvedic practitioner from aha4health.
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I embarked on my first formal journey of Ayurveda with ‘Ayurveda Institute UK’. Though, I have witnessed its amazing wisdom from childhood. The beauty of Ayurveda lies in its depth, but at its core, it's surprisingly simple to integrate into our daily routines, empowering us to become our own healers.

I am delighted to share with you aha4health, a platform through which I aim to bring Ayurveda, often recognized as the 'Science of Life' or 'Longevity,' closer to everyone. My objective is simple: to make Ayurveda accessible, enabling each individual to embrace its advantages for a more healthful and harmonious existence. As I witness my clients flourish with Ayurvedic treatments and observe my Ayurvedic community expand naturally through word-of-mouth, it reaffirms the efficacy of this ancient wisdom.

I'm excited to invite like-minded individuals to join a warm and welcoming community that celebrates the wonders of nature and embraces a harmonious way of life. Explore how wisdom of Ayurveda helps in resolving various health issues naturally. Come be a part of this inspiring community!

For those curious about my journey, I invite you to learn more by clicking the button below.

Love and hope,


Ayurvedic Practitioner

Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition

Diploma in Ayurveda

Certified Nutrition Coach

Ayurveda & Me

Ayurveda & Me

Heal body and mind with ayurvedic treatments from aha4health

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is all about getting to the heart of the matter – the 'causative factor' behind your health problem. It's not only about addressing symptoms; it's about digging deep to heal from within.

                                                  Eager to explore Ayurveda's capabilities?

Here's a glimpse of the health problems I am helping to overcome through this ancient wisdom. Please click on 'Read More' to know about these different health problems.

Digestive health

Respiratory health

Chronic Diseases

Skin health

Heart , Joints & Bone health

Mental & Emotional health

 Reproductive health

Weight Management

Patients testimonials stating effective treatments from aha4health.


 I was diagnosed with fatty liver. I have been a smoker throughout my life and after retirement my life became quite sedentary. When I shared this with my daughter Reetu, instead of giving tons of advice and scaring me (like many of my friends, family members and doctor), she just had a very friendly chat with me asking me all sorts of questions about my routine and habits etc. She already knew most of the information being my daughter, but she asked me in such a way that by the end of it I already realized what was wrong with my lifestyle and how I ended up with fatty liver.

She suggested me some simple changes in my routine and food and introduced me to some herbs and juices that were easy to include in my regime. But I did follow her advice to every detail and within 2 months my tests were all normal and the heaviness in my stomach area was reduced. As a father I am very proud of what she is doing as an Ayurvedic practitioner but as her patient I was more happy and contented with how she approached to deal with my issue. I hope and pray she helps many others who are in need.

All the best my dear Reetu. Love always-Papa

Fatty Liver

Kamlesh Chandra Muneem (Retired Scientist)

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