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Book today and say 'AHA' for health.

If you're interested in package deals or discounts, feel free to get in touch with us.

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For more information on these consultations please refer to FAQ section

No login required for booking, but explore member area for convenient booking management.
  • Session to review the progress and potential adjustments to your health plan and Ayurvedic treatment.

  • Platform for clients to bring forth any doubts or discuss any concerns.

  • Sessions serve as integral checkpoints for refining your journey towards health.

  • 1st session - 75 min, we will cover all aspects: physical, mental, and emotional.

  • We'll delve into possible factors affecting your  health concerns.

  • 2nd session - 30 min, walkthrough of personalized health plan and any Ayurvedic treatments.

  • Focus will be your comfort and understanding of the plan.

  •  Doubtful if Ayurvedic consultation is right for you?

  •  Want to know what the process involves and what to expect?

  •  Schedule a 15-minute free online discovery call.

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