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About Me

Holistic natural ayurvedic practitioner from aha4health.


I'm Reetu aka Ritz – a nickname my loving friends gave me. I hail from India and settled in the UK in 2014. Growing up, my father, a dedicated scientist, spent his life studying plants and herbs. I was captivated by his work, from observing tiny seeds in petri dishes or tasting the wonders of Brahmi leaves for enhanced cognition and Stevia leaves for their subtle sweetness.

Early on, I encountered the term 'Ayurveda,' and some of its principles were woven into the fabric of our household traditions, passed down through generations. Yet, most practiced these principles without asking why or how.

My journey led me to formal education at Ayurveda Institute UK, where I immersed myself in Ayurvedic literature. Here, the many 'hows' and 'whys' found their answers. It initially struck me as ironic that I was formally learning Ayurveda in the UK, when I was born in the very land where Ayurveda originated and had lived amidst its essence all my life.In hindsight, this unique perspective was a blessing. The differences in lifestyle, climate, cuisine, herbs, and seasonal produce between the UK and India are profound. My esteemed gurus at Ayurveda Institute UK offered invaluable insights, aiding me in reconciling the two worlds – a fusion that enriches my practice today.


My childhood fascination with plants and herbs, courtesy of my father, now fuels my passion to heal and guide those in need. Remarkably, my first patient was my own father, and his testimonial holds a special place in my heart. Since then, I've guided clients on their journey to health, which transcends the physical and touches the realms of mental and emotional well-being. 

With passion and dedication, I aspire to share this ancient wisdom so that all may benefit from its marvels – the 'Science of Life' or 'Longevity.' I aspire to build a community where people share a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature and strive to live harmoniously with it. We would support and uplift each other during challenging moments, drawing on the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to lead healthy and rewarding lives.

If you're facing health challenges or simply seek to enhance your quality of life, Ayurveda can transform your journey. You're welcome to a 'Free Discovery' session of 15 minutes, a steppingstone to uncovering the marvels Ayurveda can offer. I urge you not to hold back in reaching out. Often, it's that first step we hesitate to take.

But I'm hopeful that you'll take that first step, and I will see you soon.

With love and optimism,

Reetu (Ritz)

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition

Diploma in Ayurveda

Certified Nutrition Coach

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